Self Mover Service

Maximizing space while minimizing damage

When loading a truck you need to keep a few things in mind. You obviously do not want to use your boxes that contain lamp shades or fine china as a base for say, book boxes, and we have a lot of experience in knowing just where to put certain items.

We begin with large, square items of furniture for "base", if available, and will place a bed frame between it and the previous tier if possible. Next we fill in with boxes or stack other pieces of furniture, with the goal of keeping the tier even. We finish with light items on top, such as pillows, bags of linens, clothes, or dining chairs.


This process is repeated until we put in the mattress and tie off the load. This creates a stable wall which keeps your belongings secure. After "walling off", we load the large furniture items: living room and dining sets, primarily, or bulky, oversized items. Lastly, garage or yard equipment, potted plants, or barbecue grills, etc, finish up the average load.

The way our trucks are loaded ensures no damage will occur, this method has been refined for years, your furniture and items are safe with us.